firework displays


celebration of life fireworks

Celebration of Life firework displays and funeral fireworks are becoming an ever more apparent feature in our business.

We are able to distribute ashes in a beautiful way through the use of fireworks. Let your loved one drift down under a canopy of brightness in the night sky to settle in his/her favourite place.

Due to the nature of these displays we often use far quieter fireworks with more glittering and falling sequences to match the mood of the display. However your choices will dictate the display as always so please let us know what it is you want.

corporate fireworks

the sky’s the limit!

Whether you are launching a new business concept, a new retail branch, a new product or simply celebrating an achievement, Fireworx Scotland Ltd. has helped numerous local, national and international businesses celebrate their events with extra panache and style.

Fireworx Scotland Ltd. work closely with our corporate clients’ production and marketing agencies to create fabulous shows that reflect the corporate identity and ethos.

We have helped many new and existing businesses open new retail outlets, celebrate corporate events and launch new products with a spectacular firework display.

Corporate displays can take many forms depending upon your objectives, from a traditional display with the emphasis on entertainment to an all action spectacular designed to impress with impact!

wedding fireworks

Fireworks have now become synonymous with weddings, adding that extra dimension to the bride and groom’s special day. Fireworks Scotland Ltd. is one of the UK’s leading wedding fireworks display specialists, with vast experience in this area of the entertainments industry.

With a network of professionally trained pyrotechnicians, we are able to offer a national wedding display service covering all of the United Kingdom. Above all we design an event that you and your guests will always remember.

“Bespoke” shows can range from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, and are designed to suit the event and location. We can even provide quiet fireworks for displays in urban or sensitive locations.

musical fireworks

choreographing fireworks to music

Music to fireworks adds extra emotional resonance to an occasion. It may be that you’d like a special programme of music with fireworks to mark a significant event or anniversary. We’ll be only too delighted to choreograph your display for you.

Digital firing systems accurate to a split second mean we can choreograph musical firework displays with an exactness which can respond to the slightest nuance in a piece of music.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s pre-recorded or performed in real time – we’re just as at home with Mozart as we are with Metallica.

Fireworx Scotland Ltd work alongside the client to achieve the result they require & we design our shows with Finale Software which we are able to supply the client with a demo simulation video.

Fireworx Scotland Ltd have competed in various Musical Firework Championships over the past few years.

public fireworks

Whatever your event, from a traditional November 5th Bonfire Night a New Years Eve Celebration a Christmas Lights Switch On to a Summer Fireworks Concert, the Fireworks Scotland Ltd design team will create an original concept designed to suit your venue and most importantly, to suit you.

Fireworx Scotland Ltd have worked alongside Aberdeen City Council, The Highland Council, Ardoe House, Meldrum House Hotel, Pittodrie House, Tor na Collie Hotel, Raemoir House Hotel, Fishers Hotel, Swallow Hotels, Waterside Inn, Tuffted Duck, Falkirk Wheel, Banchory Round Table, Banchory Lodge but to name a few.

Fireworks Scotland Ltd. have extensive product knowledge and access to some of the finest fireworks available the world over.

low noise fireworks


beautiful and dramatic

Many venues that host regular firework displays such as hotels and stately homes require quieter fireworks to limit the impact on the local environment, local residents and occasionally livestock.

To meet the growing demand for quieter fireworks for weddings, corporate events and private parties we travelled to China in search of the highest quality materials. And we found them…..

A quiet firework display from Fireworx Scotland Ltd does not lose any of its impact. Although you do not get the traditional loud aerial burst you do get a peaceful, beautiful and dramatic show and we guarantee you won’t miss the bangs.

We do not compromise on quality for price and are always looking for the next new and special thing to have for our clients.

Please contact us for further details or if you wish us to discuss the possiblity of using low noise fireworks at your venue.

Click Here to See Quiet Fireworks Sample Video